Excellent Link Building Tips

08 August 2021
Amber Zia
Excellent Link Building Tips

Link Building is becoming a more complex and tricky area of SEO. This is why there are so many professional tools online to help website owners sort this matter out. However, the Danish Link Building provider can teach you how to build great links as well. You can learn a great dealabout backlinks from this resource.


Find rivals’ common backlinks

If you study your rivals, you will notice a few of their backlinks that aren’t displayed on your website. Try to get these backlinks as well. You can do this by analyzing the backlinks through Common Backlinks Tool CBLT. This is a tool particularly made for this step. Enter 10 rivals and CBLT will offer competitor’s backlinks, where they got it from, and through which ways. 


Get an indirect backlink from your rival

It’s obvious that a few rivals link to the same websites as you. In order to find these common links between you and them, Link Juice Thief is a tool for this. Usually, it’s the authoritative websites in the specific niche which are common. This tool also assists you to have backlinks from credible sources of your niche. 


Recover the dead backlinks

There are sometimes broken links to your website which display a 404 error. This occurs due to many reasons. You should redirect these backlinks to different pages or recreate the page entirely. The Link Juice Recovery Tool shows your broken links along with other errors like invalid access 403 and timeout error 504. 

Apart from your website, check dead links on Wikipedia. If you ever added Wikipedia links to your website, you should check if they have become broken or dead. If you find any, you can either replace or forward them. There is a free tool for this purpose known as Wikigrabber. The user has to search keywords and the tool shows any dead links.